Panasonic KXTVM 50 Voicemail

Integrated Voice Processing System
Up to 8 hrs Recording Time and 64 Mailboxes

Panasonic KXTVM 50
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EMail Integration
Receive voice mail messages on your phone system with notification of caller, time and date of call, length of message and how many old and new messages are in your mailbox. E-mail messages can be automatically deleted from the voicemail, or a copy retained on the voice processing system. Your telephone message can also be attached as a WAV file, to the e-mail message, and the sending of e-mails can be schedules to suit your working day.

LCD Prompts
Control voice mail using a simple LCD menu (only available with KX-DT346/KX-DT343 and KX-T7636/7633) without listening to the voicemail for options. Messages can be selected, played and deleted using the visual prompts and the caller’s information displayed on screen.

Custom Menus for Each Extension
With the KXTVM, individual extensions can set up their own custom menu options for callers to follow. Callers can leave a message or have their call forwarded to another extension or even an outside line, for example another office or even a cellular telephone. Each extension user can set up the options they want to offer their callers.

External Message Delivery
Extension owners can have their messages recorded into voicemail and then have the KXTVM system call their cellular telephone to have the messages delivered wherever they are.

Multilingual Service
The system can support up to three different languages. English is standard, the user can then record the other two languages. Callers may choose the language of their preference when they call in; or languages can be assigned on a port by port or telephone basis.

Enhanced Integration with the following Panasonic telephone systems:


When integrating the KX-TVM50E Voice Processing System to any of the ranges of telephone systems listed above there are a number of enhanced facilities available. These combined with the standard system features help improve:

  • Call and Message handling
  • Two-Way Recording
  • Live Call Screening
  • Caller ID Intelligence
  • Remote Access

As well as integrating with the Panasonic digital range of business telephone systems, the Voice Processing Systems may be connected to a wide range of other telephone systems.

The Panasonic Voice Processing Systems can improve the efficiency of your business, whether it be sales, customer service, marketing, or human resources.



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